Concealed Carry Permit Holders Crime Statistics

Overview Of Seven States

We looked at crime statistics for the following states to give us an overall picture of crime in the United States; Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Texas. Although this list does not cover the entire US it is representative of all the US states. States that are not listed will have statistics that do not vary greatly from the data published on this page. Data covering concealed carry permit holders crime statistics is not readily available for a large number of states. You need to take into account that the person charged or convicted did not necessarily have a firearm. Some of these felonies can be a traffic offense in some states. In fact the vast majority of the cases below probably do not involve a handgun. Another point is that if a permit holder did use a handgun in justifiable self defense he would still likely be charged by the police while they sort out the facts.

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CCW Permit Holders Charged/Convicted

State Year Crime Charged or
% of Total
Out of Total
Violent Crimes
Louisianna 2016 Any Felony 16 0.0092
2015 Any Felony 19 0.0123 25,208
2014 Any Felony 15 0.0109 23,983
Michigan 2016 Aggravated Assault 17 0.003
2015 Aggravated Assault 11 0.002
2016 Violent Crime 22 0.053 41,231
2015 Violent Crime 18 0.00352 42,348
Minnesota 2015 Any Assault 0 0 7,094
2014 Any Assault 0 0
2013 Any Assault 0 0
2012 Any Assault 0 0
2011 Any Assault 0 0
2010 Any Assault 0 0
Oregon 2016 Any Felony 19 0.0074
Oklahoma 2016 Any Felony 20 0.0071
2015 Any Felony 16 0.0062 16,506
2014 Any Felony 15 0.0069
2013 Any Felony 15 0.0078
2012 Any Felony 10 ? Unknown due
to no permit data
Tennessee 2016 Any Assault 0
2015 Any Assault 0 40,400
2016 Any Felony 29 0.0049
2015 Any Felony 31 0.0061
Texas 2016 Aggravated Assault 8 0.00067
2015 Aggravated Assault 10 0.0011 67,727
The percentage of total convictions indicates how many concealed carry permit holders account for the crime compared to the general population. As an example if we look at Texas in 2015 you will see that just 0.0011 of permit holders accounted for the crime of aggravated assault.

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